I am an artist, teacher and independent researcher. I currently work from a studio near Camberwell in South London. Since 2015 I’ve been building looms, learning about the history and techniques of handloom weaving, and making cloth.

A weaving apprenticeship in eighteenth century England  lasted seven years, by which reckoning I’m still a beginner. I’ve learnt by trial and error, and by studying old books – John Duncan’s Practical and Descriptive Essays (1808) and Luther Hooper’s Handloom Weaving Plain & Ornamental (1920) have been especially useful. You can find a bibliography on my Library page.

I’m fascinated by the correspondence between cloth and loom. I designed and built my current loom in 2018/19. It uses some modern materials but the principles are ancient. I recently rebuilt the countermarche mechanism with sixteen leaves and treadles to give more scope for pattern weaving.

In 2020 I made a short film by re-editing 1970’s archive footage of traditional linen weaving in rural Germany, focusing on the intimate communication between the workers and their  equipment.

For the last few months I’ve been working with an 18th century manuscript by a linen weaver called Ralph Watson, from the North Yorkshire County Records Office.

I occasionally post about my work on my blog and on Instagram.

Contact: maxmosscrop@hotmail.com

Journal (2016-2018): A Conversation on Looms, Cloth and Weaving
in “Surface & Apparition: The Immateriality of Modern Surface” edited by Yeseung Lee, Bloomsbury, 2020.