I am an artist, teacher and independent researcher. I currently work from a studio overlooking the sprawling depot of UK Power Networks near Camberwell in South London. I used to make paintings, but since 2015 I’ve been building looms, learning about the history and techniques of handloom weaving, and making cloth.

I’m intrigued by the indexical correspondence between loom and cloth: each is a product and mirror of the other, and both are concrete manifestations of a method. In this respect weaving is an exemplary technology: not just a means to an end but a force that has shaped lives and cultures for thousands of years.


Contact: maxmosscrop@hotmail.com


Journal (2016-2018): A Conversation on Looms, Cloth and Weaving
in “Surface & Apparition: The Immateriality of Modern Surface” edited by Yeseung Lee, Bloomsbury, 2020.