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FIVE YEARS/ JTG Project 09*

14.10.09 > 01.11.09


Deadline for submitting information for the programme: Friday 9 October 2009.
NAME: Max Mosscrop
TITLE: House

My proposal for your project is to use my sculpture ‘House’ to accommodate a number of works by other artists. ‘House’ is a 1/3 scale model of an abandoned farmhouse. It is 3m long x 2m wide x 3m high with its chimney (perhaps 2.4m without). The interior is stained black and could be used for projecting film / video. It has a window opening that could be used to view an internal projection. It would also be possible to attach drawings etc to the external faces. In particular I propose accommodating a video projection piece by Simon Wells entitled “Bin” to run continuously on a loop and to be interrupted from time to time by other works including a performance by Majena Mafe entitled “Pinker Talk”.

‘House’ should remain for the duration of the exhibition. Simon Wells projection to be shown Friday 16th 7-8pm. Majena Mafe’s performance duration 10 minutes to take place Friday 16th between 8 and 9pm