The Linen Weavers / Die Leinenweber (2020)

The Linen Weavers / Die Leinenweber
Digital video; 15 minutes.

Remixed from “Baüernwerk im Rheinland / Bäuerliche Leinenweberei”, a series of archive films recording the re-enactment of traditional linen weaving in Dickenshied, Germany, 1978-1979. Courtesy of LVR Landschaftsverbandes Rheinland.

Original 35mm film and sound recording by Gabriel Simons / Ayten Fadel / Gabriele Harzheim / Rainer Nagels / Manfred Grans / Manfred Müller / Konrad Grunsky-Peper / Heinke Jopp.

I made this film as a way of thinking about my own work and about weaving as a  performative practice. The weavers in the film are re-enacting the labour intensive processes of traditional handweaving – processes repeated across centuries and across cultures. I have re-edited the digitised archive footage to focus attention on the intimate communication between the workers and their materials, and replaced the original narration with a constructed soundtrack.