From Lopham with Love.

Two postcards in the Rita & Percy Beales Archive at the Crafts Study Centre show the village of North Lopham during the last days of ‘Lopham Linen’ in the second or third decade of the twentieth century. 1 The horse chestnuts are in flower so it must be May, but the year is uncertain, perhaps … Continue reading From Lopham with Love.


This is an illustrated list of books, articles and manuscripts about weaving and textile history, technology, and design, with download links for non-copyright items. Ashenhurst, Thomas R. (1881) An Album of Textile Designs Containing Upwards of 7,000 Patterns Suitable for Fabrics of Every Description, J. Broadbent & Co. Bradford / Huddersfield.Illustrations of 7,200 weave patterns, … Continue reading Bibliography

Straight Draw (2019)

Straight Draw 2019 One hundred pattern drafts for a four-shaft loom. Digital animation & PDF download. © Max Mosscrop 2019