Lopham Linen

(December 2022) This is a post about my trip in July to view the collection of Lopham linen in Norfolk Museums, with photographs and descriptions of rare examples of handwoven huckaback cloth made around 1900. I am grateful to Ruth Battersby Tooke, senior curator of Costume and Textiles at Norfolk Museums Service, and Rachel Kidd, … Continue reading Lopham Linen


This is an illustrated list of books, articles and manuscripts about weaving and textile history, technology, and design, arranged alphabetically. These are sources I have found useful in the pursuit of my own  practice.  I have included download links for non-copyright items. Ashenhurst, Thomas R. (1881) An Album of Textile Designs Containing Upwards of 7,000 … Continue reading Library

Straight Draw (2019)

Straight Draw 2019 One hundred pattern drafts for a four-shaft loom. Digital animation & PDF download. © Max Mosscrop 2019