Blogs 2021

Linen Landscapes

(June 2021) The Dutch artist Jacob van Ruisdael (1629-1682) made at least eighteen paintings of the linen bleaching fields around Haarlem. The landscapes are seen from an elevated vantage point, with the church of Sant Bavo on the horizon, and the bleaching fields in the middle distance, intersected by water channels, with strips of white … Continue reading Linen Landscapes

Following Ralph Watson

(April 2021) Follow this link to my guest post for the North Yorkshire County Records Office’s blog, April 2021.

Machines in Disguise

(February 2021) I recently bought a second-hand copy of ‘Mechanics for Textile Students’ by W.A. Hanton (1954). When it arrived through the letterbox I found some of the pages stamped by a previous owner: HOWARD & BULLOUGH SCHOOL – ACCRINGTON. Accrington is a small town in north-east Lancashire midway between Blackburn and Burnley. It gives … Continue reading Machines in Disguise